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What do our councillors have to say?

Wednesday 19th January 2022

What do we get from dojos?

We have been collecting ideas from each class about what should we do about who has the most Dojos. We are going to ask the teachers their opinions about what we can earn for our Dojos Hopefully we will be able come up with one prize throughout the school.

By Daksh and Reggie Yr 6


Wednesday 12th January 2022

What did we get up to over the holidays?

Roman - my highlight of the holidays was going to the cinema to see spider-man no way home.

Grace- I went to my dad's and went to a birthday party because it's my birthday on Christmas Eve!

Harrison - I played dungeons and dragons, it was really fun!

Scarlett - I spent Christmas Day with my nan and we opened presents together.

Lily - Mae - I met my uncle on Christmas Day for the first time!

Kara - My mum and my dad went two parties - they had a fab time!