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School Council

Our 2019-20 School Councillors

The School Council were part of many important projects in 2019-20: 


*We contributed to the maintenance of the school by identifying areas which needed painting, decorating or improving. The roof required repairs in several classrooms, and work began over the summer 2020 to solve this. New floors have been provided in several classrooms and new door handles/latches for broken doors. 

*We discussed with our classes which flowers and plants children would like to see planted at the front of the school, to make it more welcoming. 

*We ensured there was easier flow for parents entering the school by the 'minibus' gates, by asking for two to be open rather than one.

*Additional bins were provided on the school playground to reduce the amount of litter on the floor. 

*We introduced 'Worry Boxes' in classrooms, for children to share their worries with teachers. 

*We suggested Mrs Ford brought back the 'Art Challenge' across the school. This was done and prizes were given out. 

*We gave feedback on the new Pabuluum kitchen menu. 

*We completed surveys about Careers Week as a contribution to our school Pupil Voice.

*We directly contributed to the school's new Behaviour Policy, suggesting that all pupils who are behaving well should be rewarded. Golden Time on a Friday was brought back in as a result.  Report cards were also streamlined to only three. 

*We suggested that an adult be on duty by the toilets, to ensure behaviour standards remain high.