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Writing & GPS

At Bournemouth Park Academy, we have a team who work collaboratively to ensure reading, writing and grammar is taught effectively, and so Mrs Harrison also supports the above subject leaders with the teaching and learning of writing in KS1.

As part of school improvement, we aim:


 • to raise standards in the teaching and learning of English across the curriculum, embedding reading and writing skills in all lessons.

 • to raise writing standards to ensure that children are working at age related expectations in Writing and targeting spelling.

 • to narrow the gender gap in KS2 Reading with specific focus on improving boys’ attainment.

 • to narrow the gap in KS2 Reading between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.


 In-line with the 2014 national curriculum for English, we aim:


 • to enable children to speak clearly and audibly, and to take account of their listeners;

 • to encourage children to listen with concentration, in order to identify the main points of what they have heard;  

• to show children how to adapt their speech to a wide range of circumstances and demands;  

• to teach children effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, through a variety of drama activities;  

• to help them to become confident, independent readers, through an appropriate focus on word-, sentence- and text-level knowledge;  

• to develop enthusiastic and reflective readers, through contact with challenging and substantial texts;

 • to foster the enjoyment of writing, and a recognition of its value;  

• to encourage accurate and meaningful writing, be it narrative or non-fiction;  

• to improve the planning, drafting and editing of their written work. 

Writing is generally linked to the year group topic or book that the class are reading at the time, thinking about what the children will be most engaged with. We write a range of different genres including: narratives, diary entries, non-chronological reports, biographies, persuasive / balanced arguments. GPS is taught daily within English lessons through starter questions and embedded within our writing when the teacher models writing / shares ideas with pupils. A standalone lesson to introduce a new skill and a spelling test is also part of our curriculum.