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In September 2019, the school was subject to a Section 8 Ofsted Inspection when it maintained a ‘Good’ outcome, without transitional arrangements.


Summary of key findings:


  • Bournemouth Park is a large, lively, happy and harmonious place.
  • Pupils have lots of opportunities to do things they might not have the chance to do at home (Norfolk Lakes, sing at The O2). 
  • Pupils enjoy their learning and are keen to find out more. 
  • Pupils learn about subjects in a sensible order, with each new piece of learning developing on what went before. 
  • Staff know about how young children learn to read. They are particularly good at teaching phonics. 
  • Leaders have made changes so that pupils' reading here is now stronger and improving. Leaders are determined that pupils will be good readers by the time they leave the school. 
  • Teachers give pupils work to do that is interesting and is neither too easy nor too hard for them. 
  • The school teaches pupils about the cultures and beliefs of the different people who live in modern Britain. It also teaches pupils about issues such as democracy and the importance of laws. 
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. 
  • Adults are vigilant about safeguarding and care deeply about the children they work with.