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Design & Technology



We live in a technology-driven world and at Bournemouth Park we aim to inspire pupils to be innovative thinkers who have an appreciation and respect of the product design cycle (design, make, evaluate). We aspire to give learners the courage and curiosity to take creative risks, both independently and collaboratively as well as building their resilience to learn from failure and celebrate their successes.  

The D&T curriculum provides active learning opportunities, accessible for all students and helps pupils to strengthen their confidence, take risks and be reflective designers who can evaluate their work and use their creative skills to change the future. 




The Design and Technology curriculum at Bournemouth Park Academy plays a central role in shaping our pupils’ sense of personal, social and cultural identity, with direct links to our connected curriculum topics. Within each year group, children are enabled to develop their creative flair in the seven key areas: Structures, Mechanisms, Textiles, Cooking and Nutrition, Design, Make and Evaluate.  Whilst developing these skills through a range of topic related scenarios, children are also encouraged to learn about some of the great artists, who in turn, inspire further creativity and development. 


Every year group completes an art unit per term, related to their topic. The document below shows the knowledge and skills that are covered in each year group for each topic.