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BPA Curriculum Overview

How do we implement our curriculum?

Each area of the curriculum is assigned a subject leader who is responsible for overseeing the delivery of their subject across the school. Our curriculum is designed using a thematic approach by subject leaders, who have worked together to ensure progression of skills and knowledge throughout each year group, as well as cross-curricular links within topics, where possible. Subject leaders are given continuous professional development in order to ensure that they have the knowledge to upskill staff members to deliver the curriculum and quality assure its implementation so that it achieves its intended purpose. They also routinely review the design of the curriculum to certify that it is fit for purpose and correctly sequenced in line with the National Curriculum and EYFS guidance. Subject leaders work collaboratively with the curriculum lead, who overseas the professional development of subject leaders, and the implementation of the curriculum.


Every subject has a programme of study (or curriculum map) that sets out what will be taught and in what order, as well as key concepts and vocabulary for assessment points. There is one map per subject and each links to the previous and following year. These can be found on the subject area pages of this website.


Our ‘connected curriculum’ encompasses history, geography, art and design, and design and technology.  From experience we know that the links we make between these subjects lead to more memorable, enjoyable and powerful learning.  Although our other subjects stand alone, we look for opportunities to make meaningful curriculum links – though never at the expense of the individual subject discipline.


The termly topics for each year group are shown below.

More detail about the content of each can be found in the programmes of study for each subject (as mentioned above), and on our Learning at School page.