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Parents need to be vigilant and monitor the sites, services and apps that their children access. If your child is using any of the below, please pop in to talk to a member of staff about some of the potential dangers.


Snap Chat: An app primarily for iPads and iPhones that sends photos to others for a few seconds before deleting it. There are ways that the pictures sent can be retrieved. People have been known to take a photo/film the image as it appears. Some young people have been using this App to send inappropriate pictures voluntarily or when pressurised.


Burn Note: Similar to Snap Chat but with text - this has similar issues as the messages can be retrieved, stored and used.


ASK.FM: A site where you can ask questions and anybody can answer anonymously- this has led to a number of self-harming incidents reported in the media due to negative responses and bullying.


Chat Roulette: A site where you are matched to a random person from anywhere in the world via your webcams, most of the content on this site is geared towards adult use and children are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate material.


Blackberry Messenger: Free instant messaging service on Blackberry phones- pupils can block unwanted contacts but not change their ‘Pin’ (id) so these details can be widely published across the internet.


Facebook: Pupils under 13 should not have accounts. However, this is not always the case, if your child does have an account, please contact Mr Brogan for tips that may discourage unscrupulous people trying to add your child.


Whatsapp: Another messaging and photo sending app, which can be downloaded free on to most phones. This is done by linking your phone with the main website. Phone numbers are easily visible and available to anyone friending your child.


Twitter: A site which allows you to put out your thoughts and feelings in less than 148 characters. It also allows images to be posted. Many high profile cases have been reported in the media regarding 'cyber trolls' posting bullying and negative comments.


You Tube: Allow users to upload videos onto the net where they can be viewed by the world. Users have experienced similar problems to Twitter in comments that have been posted about their videos. For further advice on what would be appropriate video content to upload, see the CEOP website link above.


There are many many more sites your children may be using. Please be aware of what they are getting up to onlne and reinforce strategies they can use to stay safe.