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For this week of Literacy, we are researching the Mayan beliefs and gods in order to write a character description of a Mayan god and one that you will create.


You will need to think about how to use descriptive language effectively (adjectives, adverbs, similes, personification etc) to describe your god’s appearance, personality and any other key features such as their voice and how they move.

Continue to include Year 6 writing criteria such as paragraphs, different conjuctions and a range of punctuation in order to make your character description more lively and interesting to read.  



A rough guide for the week could be:


Watch the video which introduces the topic of the Mayans before reading the PowerPoint on the Mayan gods below.

You could highlight/jot down key information and vocabulary as you use these resources to find out more about the Mayans. 

Look up any words you do not know or understand with a dictionary (online or paper-based).

Make notes on the video and PowerPoint however you wish - you could jot your ideas down as a mind map, flow chart, storyboard, list, poster etc. 

Add drawings to your work if you want to J.



Using your notes and resources from yesterday, draw a picture of your favourite god or goddess and write a fact file briefly describing their attributes and explaining why they were so important to the Maya beliefs.

You could compare with your classmates – who did you pick? Who did they pick? Why? What attributes do you prefer about your god than theirs? Why? What attributes do you prefer about theirs? Why



Remind yourself of the Mayan gods and why the Mayans believed these gods were important.

Look at the ‘Design a Maya god’ sheet below. Using the work from the week, draw a picture of your own god or goddess and write a short character study, describing your god’s attributes and explaining why they might be important to the today’s beliefs. Think about what useful traits your god would have and why they would be an important for the Mayans.



Look at the character description checklist below. Read through your work from yesterday, editing and improving so that it includes all of the suitable features on the checklist. Have you challenged yourself to include Year 6 punctuation such as colons and semi-colons? Have you included interesting and captivating adjectives or personification of some of your god’s features to bring your description alive?



Present the Mayan gods PowerPoint to a family member of your choice before presenting your new Mayan god, asking them to choose which god they believe is the most important. Think about how to use your speaking and listening skills to convince that your new god is the most important.

Ask them to evaluate your performance with two stars and a wish – two things you did well and a target for next time.