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This week, we are writing an invitation persuading people to celebrate the Day of the Dead festival.


The features of a persuasive invitation should include persuasive features, such as: the pattern of 3, repetition, rhetorical questions and imperative verbs.  Also think about your Also think about your Year 6 writing criteria: punctuation, spellings, handwriting, conjunctions, passive sentences, modal verbs, accurate use of tense. Are there any others you can think of?




You need to plan out your invitation by reading the modelled example and creating a story board or planning sheet to use for the rest of the week. You might want to draw little pictures or you might prefer to make some notes. You may also like to plan within which paragraphs you are going to include particular higher level punctuation. During today’s lesson you might also like to look back at the information from last week all about the Day of the Dead festival to help you.



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

 Begin writing your persuasive invitation during these days.


Look at modelled example (below). As this is shorter this week, you may want to think of other things you could include to make it slightly longer.


Think about and look at your success criteria each day.


Use the information from both the modelled example and the PowerPoint to create a persuasive invitation with the features identified above.




Create a top copy of your persuasive invitation. Think about the colours and neatness that would help to persuade someone to join in with the celebrations. We would love to see these on Class Dojo.

You could use the skull writing template and decorate if you wish.



 Extension: If you finish before the end of the week and would like something else to do then you could try writing an invitation (following the modelled example structure) from an invite to something else such as a party to celebrate the end of the current situation we are in or perhaps take it back to your learning about VE Day and write an invitation to the VE Day celebrations.