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For the next two weeks of Literacy, we are writing a story about two children who use a time machine to visit the Victorian era.


For the first three days, read the eBook ‘History Hackers Victorian Venture’, looking up any vocabulary you do not know or understand. As you read, make brief notes about what happens in the story, how the characters feel and any good vocabulary or punctuation the author uses. You could chose to do this as a storyboard, mindmap, bullet points etc


There are several checklists for features of a story that you may wish to use below.



A rough guide for the week could be:


Read the eBook and highlight/jot down key information and vocabulary. 

Look up any words you do not know or understand with a dictionary (online or paper-based).

Make notes on the eBook however you wish - you could jot your ideas down on the story mountain sheet below, a mind map, flow chart, storyboard, list, poster etc. 

Add drawings to your work if you want to J.



Look at the different checklists below. Create a basic plan for your story using these and your notes from the example story to help you. There is also a story mountain sheet to help you with your plan.