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For this week's Literacy, we are writing a fact file on Queen Victoria (informal non-chronological report).


Read the PowerPoint on Queen Victoria below, making notes however you wish - you could jot your ideas down on a mind map, flow chart, storyboard, list, poster etc. 


The features of a fact file include some of the following:

  • An eye-catching heading in a large font
  • An introductory sentence (or two)
  • Text split up into paragraphs and each paragraph on a different aspect of the subject
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph
  • As Queen Victoria was a key figure of the past, you should be mostly writing in past tense (present tense when comparing with our current queen if you wish to)
  • Pictures of Queen Victoria (optional)
  • Captions under each picture to explain what is in the picture (optional)
  • Diagrams with labels (optional)
  • Graphs or charts showing information about the subject (optional)
  • Boxes containing interesting individual facts to grab the attention of the reader (optional)
  • Technical vocabulary in bold, possibly with a glossary at the end (optional)


The four sub-headings you should be looking to include are:

  • Who was Queen Victoria? 
  • What was her family like?
  • What were her children like?
  • Interesting facts you may not know

Please feel free to edit the wording of these sub-headings if you wish to. 


A rough guide for the week could be:


Read the PowerPoint and highlight key information and vocabulary. 

Look up any words you do not know or understand with a dictionary (online or paper-based)

Make notes on the PowerPoint however you wish - you could jot your ideas down on a mind map, flow chart, storyboard, list, poster etc. 

Add drawings to your work and pop it up around the house. Test your family on what they have learnt from your amazing posters! 



Look at the fact file templates below. Either create a basic plan for your fact file using these to help you or use a fact file design of your choice. 

Think about the headings you wish to use and bullet point the information underneath. 


Wednesday and Thursday

Write your fact file. 



Carefully read over and edit what you have written so far, up-levelling and improving in a different colour if possible. 

Finish writing your fact file, adding in drawings and diagrams.