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For this week's Literacy, we are writing instructions on how to pilot (use) a flying machine. highlights some of the inventions that may have arisen during the Victorian period. 


You should be thinking about writing in second person (you, your etc), using present tense and including a good amount of detail so that everyone can follow your instructions easily. 


The features of instructions are:

  • clear layout using a title and sub-titles
  • an introduction that summarises what you have written instructions about 
  • a 'you will need' list which explains what ingredients or tools are required
  • numbered, easy-to-follow steps in chronological order
  • imperative (bossy) verbs 
  • instruction texts also often use time connectives at the start of each numbered point ('first', 'next', 'then' and 'lastly').


A rough guide for the week could be:


Watch the video above and look at the pictures of flying machines (below).

Read the modelled example and highlight key information and vocabulary. 

Look up any words you do not know or understand with a dictionary (online or paper-based)

Draw your own version of a flying machine, labelling its key features.



Look at the good version and your drawing from yesterday. What good vocabulary could you use from the good version in your own piece? Make sure any vocabulary you do magpie still relates to your flying machine. 

Write your introduction and list of things that you will need. 


Wednesday and Thursday

Finish writing your own version of the flying machine instructions. Ensure that your instructions match the drawing you drew on Monday.  



Carefully read over and edit what you have written so far, up-levelling and improving in a different colour if possible. 

Finish writing your instructions, adding in another drawing of a close-up area (e.g. the engine) if desired.