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For this last week of Literacy, you are carrying out simple creative writing tasks that are common practise in Year 7 (you may end up doing a very similar task in your new school!).  


There is one PowerPoint per day with tasks for you to complete on a separate piece of paper (or book if you have been using one for your Literacy work).


Think about how to make your 50 words as interesting and different as possible by using impressive vocabulary and higher level punctuation. Continue to use the Year 5/6 words from last week, in addition to checking for synonyms of ‘boring’ adjectives you may have used by using either a paper based or online thesaurus.


If you finish the tasks well within the allocated time, either write another 50 word mini-saga or finish off/try again at the other writing topics from this half term.


Well done for all of your home learning efforts this past term!