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For this week of Literacy, we are researching the Mayan myths in order to create your own short story or ‘myth’ involving the Mayan gods from last week.


You will need to think about how to use descriptive language effectively (adjectives, adverbs, similes, personification etc) to describe your god’s appearance, personality and any other key features such as their voice and how they move.

Continue to include Year 6 writing criteria such as paragraphs, different conjuctions and a range of punctuation in order to make your story or myth more lively and interesting to read.  



A rough guide for the week could be:


Read back over your notes from last week’s research of the Mayan gods to familiarise yourself with their attributes and purpose.

Watch the videos below that outline some of the myths that the Mayans spread about their gods. – the video you watched last week outlining the Mayan civilisation, gods and beliefs.



Tuesday – Thursday

Pick  either the god you created last week or a Mayan god of your choice, either from the PowerPoint below or your own research, and create a story or myth about that particular god.

Think about what attributes they have and why this would be relevant to what they are gods of e.g. Itlzamna is the inventor of writing and has no teeth – maybe he had to create writing as he was unable to speak and communicate with people without any teeth. Your story could explain how he was created with teeth but was unkind with his words to gods, animals and people (you could describe different events where this happened), so his teeth and ability to speak were taken away from him by the other gods (you could describe a meeting where they debated benefits and disadvantages of doing this to Itlzamna). After a series of quests to prove he had learnt his lesson, he was awarded the ability to write, therefore becoming the Mayan inventor of writing.


Use the story mountain template and the different checklists below to plan your story before starting to write. Remember, stories have a beginning, middle and end often with a problem and resolution in the middle – for the above example, the problem would be that Itlzamna lost his teeth and needed to find a way to once again communicate with the world. The resolution was that he took part in a variety of quests in order to win back the trust of the gods and be awarded a way of communicating again (writing).

Be as creative and imaginative as you like! 


Other examples of similar stories: - How Giraffe Got its Long Neck - Why Hare Hops - Why Ostrich Sticks her Head in the Ground



Carefully read over and edit what you have written so far, up-levelling and improving in a different colour if possible. 

Finish writing your story, adding pictures if you wish to do so.