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Week Beginning: 29.06.20

Can you remember what has happened in the text so far?

Monday- Chapter 17 'Brother John comes home'

L.I. To use recall and retrieval skills.

1. How far was the shepherd's hut from the house? p.107

2. What was the weather like? p.107

3. Who had died? p.108

4. What is written in another language? p.109 What could that language be?

5. Where did no one go unless invited? p.112


Tuesday- Chapter 18 'The sweat'

L.I. To explore author viewpoint and language.

Find a word the means the same as:

1. putting in lots of effort to his manner p.114

2. hateful p.115

3. sudden p.116

4. loyal p.117

5. enthusiastically p.118


Wednesday- Chapter 19 'Two Letters'

L.I. To explore structure and organisation.

Find examples of 5 different pieces of punctuation and describe their function.


Can you use this punctuation in a sentence of your own? 

yes Go to your English writing this week and try and up-level some sentences.


Thursday- Chapter 20 'The King's Visitors'

L.I. To use deduction and inference skills.

1.'my face was beading with sweat' What does this tell you about how Will was feeling? p.126

2. Why were they worried that soldiers had come? What were they doing wrong? p.127

3. Why do you think Brother John was praying? p.127

4. Why would taking Brother John be a lesson to Will and his father? p.128

5. 'and would be still forever' What do these words tell us about the priest? p.129


Challenge: Where do you think the game 'hangman' gets its name from?


L.I. To consolidate reading skills.