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Week Beginning: 29.06.20


Take a look through the PowerPoints provided (and use any other sources you have available) to find out more about Henry VIII's three children Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. 

Create an information booklet all about them.


Queen Elizabath is a remembered Monarch for defeating the Spanish Armada. Let's find out more...


Label the map with places the Spanish Armada traveled and where key events took place.


Take some time to discuss this question with friends and family thinking about arguments for both sides before coming up with your final answer.

Big Question: If you had to change your religion for the King, would you?

Remember: The king holds all the power, you may be killed if you're found out, it is a religion that you strongly believe in...


We are so lucky to have this lovely weather but we need to make sure we are staying safe in the sun! What must we do to stay safe in the sun?