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Week Beginning: 22.06.20

Can you remember what has happened in the text so far?

Monday- Chapter 13 'I should be careful, if I were you'

L.I. To use recall and retrieval skills.

1. How many sittings were there at the banquet? p.78

2. Who announced the entry of King Henry? p.79

3. How did Percy's hand feel? p.80

4. Who was watching Will's father? p.81

5. What types of bird made up the dish that appeared? p.81

6. Create a drawing of the dish that appeared. p.81


Tuesday- Chapter 14 'A bruise deep inside me'

L.I. To explore author viewpoint and language.

1. Using the title of the chapter, what can you predict about the chapter?

2. 'I would be glad to see the back of Percy and his uncle.'

     What does this phrase tell us about how Will feels about Percy and his uncle? p.82

3. Pick out 3 phrases that support Will was happy to go home. p.84

4. 'He'd have you rotting in the Tower if he heard you were talking like that'
    What does this phrase tell you about King Henry?


Wednesday- Chapter 15 'Home'

L.I. To explore structure and organisation.

1. What is the purpose of a paragraph?

2.What piece of punctuation indicates that a character is speaking?

3.Who speaks first in this chapter? p.89

4.How do you know when someone new is speaking?

5. Sum up the conversation in this chapter

6. Change the speech into a script.


Thursday- Chapter 16 'A hideous old man'

L.I. To use deduction and inference skills.

1. Why was Margery so upset? p.96/97

2.Why does Aunt Carew want Margery to marry the old man in France? p.96/97

3. Why did Will think talking to his father was useless? p.97

4. What could Will's father's views be on the King and the Pope? p.100

5. How could he be betrayed? What might happen? p.100



L.I. To consolidate reading skills.