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Week Beginning 19.10.20

LI: To understand the significance of a key person in history

As many of you are already aware, October is Black History Month and therefore, this week's topic will be dedicated to learning about why we celebrate Black History month and some historical black figures who have made a huge impact to the world we know today.

Discuss at home why you think Black History Moth is so important and why it is needed. 

Have a watch of this clip 


Rosa Parks

Martin Luther King

Mary Seacole

Olive Morris

Nelson Mandela

Fanny Eaton


Do we know who any of these people are? Do we know what they have in common?




Can you think of any famous black people in today’s society?


Work through the following PowerPoint:

Do you agree / disagree that Mary Seacole should / should not be taught in the curriculum?

Who is Nelson Mandela? Has anyone heard of him? What did he do? What was Nelson Madela famous for? 


Work through this Nelson Mandela PowerPoint then work through the questions.