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Week Beginning: 15.06.20

Can you remember what has happened in the text so far?

Monday- Chapter 9 'The secret thought'

L.I. To use recall and retrieval skills.

1. Who was Will writing to? p.51

2. Who was singing a lullaby? p.50

3. What did Will cover? p.51

4. Where is Prince Percy Howard's uncle the most powerful man? p.52

5. Where is scrubbed three times a day? p.53


Tuesday- Chapter 10 'The King's Favourite'

L.I. To explore author viewpoint and language.

1. dithering     p.57

2. gesture       p.58

3. jester          p.59

4. wheezing    p.60

5. tittered        p.63


Find 5 words you are unsure of and look them up in a dictionary.


Wednesday- Chapter 11 'Matthew is found'

L.I. To explore structure and organisation.

1. Why is some of the writing in italics? What effect does this have?

2. 'My dear little brother' p.67 What does this tell you about Will and Margery's relationship?

3. Write a summary of the chapter in 20 words.

4. Write a response as Will to the letter his sister sent.


Thursday- Chapter 12 'Clever'

L.I. To use deduction and inference skills.

1.What does the phrase 'King Henry wanted me there in his palace, I was his. I belonged to him. I had to stay.' tell us about the power of royalty during the Tudors? p.73

2.Find 3 phrases that the royal family were demanding. p.73/74

3. What tells us the servants were poorly looked after? p.74

4. What tells us his tutors are people of importance? p.75

5. Henry VIII was a large man. Find some description quotes to support this statement. p.77



L.I. To consolidate reading skills.