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Week Beginning 11.5.20


Use a range of source materials, such as photographs, the web, non-fiction books, street maps and underground train maps to find out about the urban characteristics of the city of Berlin. Compare with maps and plans of Southend-on-Sea and show the differences in a chart or table.

Art and Design

Look at examples of urban art and graffiti on the streets of Berlin. Observe examples, searching online for images. Copy or make their own designs using pencil techniques. 


Talk about a time when you have visited a new town or city. Imagine that you are travelling or lost in a large city. Discuss what you would do and how you could keep safe.

Create a shared safety code for travelling or visiting a city location. Ideas might include a good street map, a mobile phone, knowing what to do if lost, who to ask for directions and how to travel safely on public transport.


This week learn all about light that is produced by the sun and how to stay safe in the sun. Follow the powerpoint and then design your own sun safety equipment. Part of the powerpoint includes an investigation that requires black card/paper and different coloured paper, if you don't have these items just skip that part of the powerpoint.