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Week Beginning: 08.06.20

Can you remember what has happened in the text so far?

Monday- Chapter 5 'Wait, wait, wait'

L.I. To use recall and retrieval skills.

1. When did Will see Margery? p.23

2. Who are 'never friends'? p.24

3. How did Will find out Brother John was no longer there? Find 3 pieces of evidence. p.25

4. How did Ned Porritt catch up to Will? p.26

5. What did Margery hide? p.27

6. Where did she hide the item? p. 27


Tuesday- Chapter 6 'London'

L.I. To explore author viewpoint and language.

Find a word in the text that means the same as the following:
1. walking slowly     p.29

2. went back            p.30

3. worrying              p.31

4. laughed                p.32

5. hold back             p.34

Find 5 other words you are unsure of and look them up in a dictionary.


Wednesday- Chapter 7 'You are to meet the king today'

L.I. To explore structure and organisation.
1. Why does 'His Majesty' have capital letters? p.36

2. What is the effect of repetition in the phrase 'my father cried and cried'? p.41

3. What is this figurative language feature 'pins like a hedgehog bristles between his teeth'? p.37

4. Find two similes on page 37. What is the effect of using this feature?

5. Find a metaphor on page 38. What is the effect of using this feature?



Thursday- Chapter 8 'The Golden Sun of His Majesty'

L.I. To use deduction and inference skills.
1. Why might Will have a fear of the river? p.43

2. Why do you think Will 'felt calmer' looking at angels carved into the ceiling? p.44

3. Find 3 phrases that indicate Will was nervous. p.44-45

4. Find the 3 phrases that tell the reader of King Henry VIII's significance. p.45

5. 'My tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth, my lips were dry' What does this tell us about how the character is feeling? p.46



L.I. To consolidate reading skills.