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Week Beginning: 08.06.20



Do you remember creating your beautiful Catholic Church? Well, King Henry has decided that he's going to take it over, and steal the gold. But, why? Do you have any ideas?

Let's take a look at the PowerPoint to find out more...


Please choose 1 activity to complete.



Have a look at the blank map of Europe- can you identify any of the countries?

Where do you think the Roman Catholic church originated? Can you located the country/city on the map? Label and colour it.

Where do you think Catholicism is present in Europe? Why do you think this? Draw a cross on each country you think has Catholicism present?

Have a look through the website then colour in the countries on the map that the Tudors traded with.




As many of you may have heard on the news, an unarmed black man, named George Floyd was killed by police in the American state of Minneapolis. Another brutal death has caused outrage and has sparked a series of protests, petitions and media attention globally.

Racism is still a very real issue for many black and other ethnic minority (BAME) people across the UK, America and globally. There is a need for change, as there always has been.

Please find below a PowerPoint which will help us to educate ourselves about racism, anti-racism and what WE can do to help make a much needed change.

Here are some links which can help you to understand what is happening:

Keep updated with the latest news:


If there has been anything that has concerned or worried you about this topic, then please speak with your teacher or a grown up at home.  


This is only the tip of the iceberg for reading you could do but here are some helpful books which educate or contain BAME main characters: