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Week Beginning: 06.07.20

Can you remember what has happened in the text so far?

Monday- Chapter 21 'Edward loves you'

L.I. To use recall and retrieval skills.

1. What did Will miss? p.130

2.Whose birthday id in October? p.131

3. When did Will take Edward to see his father play tennis? p.132

4. What was the name of Will's horse? p.133

5. Where was the messenger waiting? p.135


Tuesday- Chapter 22 'A palace of whispers'

L.I. To explore author viewpoint and language.

Using the text, try and find out what these words mean in context:

Remember: When these questions come up in an assessment, you CANNOT use a dictionary.
1. languorous p.136

2. squalling p.136

3. supremacy p.137

4. mystified p.138

5. brisk p.140

Find 5 other words you are unsure of and look them up in a dictionary.


Wednesday- Chapter 23 'Another World'

L.I. To explore structure and organisation.
1. Why is there a section of writing in italics? p.146

2.Why did the author repeat the phrase 'my father'? p.147

3.Find two different examples of the author using an apostrophe and explain the purpose for each one. p.148

4. What is the purpose of the  ;  and what is this piece of punctuation called? p.149

5. Find an expanded noun phrase and explain why you think the author may have used it. p.149


Thursday- Chapter 24 'A dead boy's clothes'

L.I. To use deduction and inference skills.
1.Where do you think Will slept? Why? p.150

2. 'I stumbled again' What does this tell you about how Will is feeling? p.150

3. Why do you think people reacted to Will this way? p.151

4. Find three phrases that indicate these people were trying to help Will. p.152-153



L.I. To read for pleasure.

Enjoy continuing to read the next couple of chapters of Treason. If you love the book (as much as I do) why not buy yourself a copy?