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Week Beginning: 06.07.20

Art and Design

During the Tudor era, knights would have a Coat of Arms to represent the family or the country they came from. Take a look at the PowerPoint to find out more information. 



Now, have a go at designing your own shield. Think about the colours and design carefully.


Tudor fashion- have a look at the way the Tudors dressed and design your own outfit. Label the materials you have used and decide what type of person would wear this outfit. 


As we already know, Henry VIII changed his religion and even created his own. It's now time for you to create your own religion. Design a poster advertising your religion and why you think people should join it. 

When creating your own religion, think about:

  • What is the creation story?
  • What are the beliefs of your religion?
  • Do you have a figure to look up to?
  • What are the values/morals of your religion?
  • Are there any celebrations or festivals?