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Week Beginning 05.10.20


LI: To create simple rhythmic patterns with an awareness of tempo and pitch.


Do you know how rap songs sound? What is rap?

You are going to create a rap song linked with anti-bullying. Mind map some phrases you could include.


Watch this clip:


Using this video as inspiration, have a go at creating your own anti-bullying rap.



L.I. To be tolerent of others.

People of all faiths and no faith find words powerful. Now it’s your turn to think about words: What are words? How can words make people feel good? Can words be harmful? When do you need to take care to use the right words? Why are words in holy books so important to believers? What do you think the famous saying, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ means? 

Is it ok if someone else has a different opinion?

Is it ok if one picture makes someone feel a positive emotion but another makes someone feel a negative emotion?


Work through the powerpoint below and think about what these sayings might mean.