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Week 4 - W.B. 22.06.2020

Topic Lesson 1 - The Importance of Fair Trade

  1. Make the Fair Trade Chatterbox and gather information about Fair Trade.
  2. Work through the Fair Trade Information Powerpoint.
  3. On slide 13 reflect on the questions that are asked.


Your task is to make a leaflet/booklet about Fair Trade:

  • Write at least 6 facts about the importance of Fair Trade.
  • Write reflections on the questions asked on slide 13 of the powerpoint.
  • Include key information such as important dates, countries and the importance of Fair Trade.
  • Include a few pages/designs of Fair Trade.


Extension task - Fair Trade Wordsearch.


If you choose to make the booklet/leaflet on the computer, send it into your class teacher or send pictures of your booklet on Dojo.


Topic Lesson 2 - James Lind

  1. Work through the James Lind powerpoint and make notes about key information and dates.  You should already know some information from the English Lessons this week.
  2. Answer the quiz questions below.


Your task is to make a timeline about the life of James Lind.

  • You can use the timeline outline below but you maybe better to draw your own.  Make it as creative as possible including pictures and lots of information


Extension tasks:

  • Research the vitamins in different foods (see the worksheet below) and sort them into the correct vitamins categories. 
  • Can you explain why Vitamin C (and other vitamins) are so important for our health?

Topic Lesson 3 - Drink More Water

List all the different reasons that you know of why it is important to drink water and then watch the following video:

Read the following information powerpoint and then try the quiz on the link below:

Your Task

Create a poster about the importance of drinking water.  Don't forget to include lots of facts why!

Send if to your teacher after.

Why not keep track of your water in-take and record it on one of the trackers below:

RE Lesson

Look at the Innovate Board below and work through the different points.  Write a response for each point and then complete the task of pretending you are in charge of the new sports team and make your 10 rules for it.

PSHE Lesson

This week we are focusing on our daily changes and working out what the positives are with change.  Work through the powerpoint and complete the activities inside.

Remember if you are struggling with any daily or continuous changes going on in your life, find an adult to talk to about it or draw a picture.