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Week 1 - Space

Welcome to the week 1 space page. We have got many activities for you to complete, all based around our theme of space!


Write a non-chronological report about a famous astro-physician such as Stephen Hawkins, or an astronaut such as Buzz Aldrin (or anyone else related to space).
Write a story, like Beegu, about an alien visiting your school.


Watch Tim Peake read a bedtime story from outer space, or read some space books from the NASA website.

If you were an astronaut, what book would you take with you to space? Why would you take this book? Why should others read it to?

Create your own story about space, maybe about a mission onto a new planet, about an alien coming to Earth, or even landing on an unknown planet.


  • compare and contrast the Moon and Earth
  • research Neil Armstrong
  • how do you become an astronaut?
  • create a PowerPoint explaining the differences between the planets and other features in our solar systems


Create your own spaceship/alien/space station or solar system using junk modelling materials from home. There are many ideas online and don't forget, you can always cook some cupcakes or cookies and then decorate them in a space theme.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Explore these sites and do some scientific research. What new things have you learned today?

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