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WB 08.06.20

English - WB 08.06.20

This week we are writing newspaper reports about the execution of Anne Boleyn



  • Have a read of the good version. Can you pick out the different features of a newspaper report?
  • Is there any language you could pick out and use in your own report.
  • Look up any unfamiliar words.
  • Think about who could be interviewed for the report. What might they say? Get someone at home to act it out with you.



  • Use the good version to fill in the planning sheet.
  • Don't forget to include any vocabulary and high level punctuation you might use.
  • You could use pictures to help you remember what to include if you prefer.



  • Have a go at writing your report.
  • Use the good version/newspaper openers sheet to help you.
  • Think about your targets.



  • Finish writing you report and edit your work.
  • Create a best copy of your newspaper. How could you make it look old? Add some pictures and captions. What adverts might have been in the paper at that time?