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Monday - Work through the powerpoint. Can you guess from the clue what each sea animal is? Read the different facts about each animal. What is the most interesting fact that you learned? Why? Write a sentence explaining your favourite fact and why you chose it using the word 'because.' Draw a picture of the animal.

Tuesday - Look through the different sea animals. Use the internet, what you know or any books you may have access to about sea animals. Choose one of the animals and answer the fact file about them. Add any extra information that you may know. Check that your work has capital letters and full stops.

Wednesday - Think about everything you have found out so far about different sea animals. You can look back over the powerpoints to refresh your memory. Can you write a sealife poem using some of this information?

Thursday - Read through the What am I poems. Can you guess the sea animal? Can you create your own 'What am I?' (We did these in the first term for minibeasts so a nice refresher for you) What information could you include? Make sure your first couple of clues don't give it away straight away. You could make a flap to cover the answer. Can others guess which animal you were thinking of?

Friday - Design your own fantasy sea creature using the template provided. Think about - what they look like? What do they eat? Where do they live? How long do they live for? Write a short description and give your creation a name.