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Topic Day- 1066

Our new topic is "1066". Today, we will be exploring the events before and during the battle of Hastings, starting with the Anglo-Saxon and Viking reign, followed by a bit more about the Bayeux tapestry and the Battle of Hasting's itself. Use the websites provided to research all of the topics. Have fun!

 The Anglo Saxons


Choose a song to practise and sing!


The Vikings


 The battle for the throne and events of 1066- part 1

Watch first two videos on website.


Afternoon session

 The battle for the throne and events of 1066- part 2



The Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry

Look  pictures of the Bayeux Tapestry. Watch the ‘animated tapestry’.



Using everything you have learnt today, can you make a poster about the information you found the most interesting? It could be about the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings, or even your own version of the Bayeux Tapestry!