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This week in Topic we are continuing our learning about Paddington Bear.

Monday - Comparing Peru to the UK

Watch the video and look through the powerpoint to learn facts about Peru.  Write down the similarities and differences of Peru and the UK.

Mountains and junglesCities and villages
Speaks SpanishSpeaks English             


Peru Facts for Kids

Tuesday - Aunt Lucy's Suitcase

Today you need to use the information you know about the UK to help Aunt Lucy to pack her suitcase for her visit.  Look through the powerpoint below and think about what she will need to bring with her for the best trip.  Complete the activity below.

Wednesday - Marmalade Sandwiches

Today using bread, spread and marmalade, make marmalade sandwiches for Paddington and Aunt Lucy's snacks as they tour London.

Watch the videos below about how to make Marmalade.  What are the ingredients for Marmalade?  Take pictures of your sandwiches.

Come Outside - Marmalade

Orange marmalade recipe

Orange marmalade recipe

Thursday - RSE Lesson

This week we are learning that when we learn something that we change.  Think about something that you found really difficult but can now do and how this has helped you grow and change.  For example, walking, drawing, writing, feeding yourself.  Fill in the flower below with a picture of something that you can now do which has changed as you have grown up.