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Topic Lesson 1 - Ordering information on a timeline.

Today we are putting what happened during the Great Fire of London in the correct order.

To start with, watch the video below with the song about the Great Fire of London with sign language.


Great Fire of London: September 1666 - Children's song with words by Al Start

This song tells the story of the Great Fire of London for your primary KS1 topic. September 1666 by Al Start split screen format video for whiteboard. The fi...

Work through the powerpoint below, taking note of what happened when.  Afterwards, complete the activity underneath the powerpoint, putting the events in the correct order.

Topic Lesson 2 - Observing changes during a cooking process

Today we are going to pretend to be bakers.  Using a bag of bread mix, read the instructions and google search what ingredient makes bread rise.  Measure out the water and mix together.  Following the instructions on the packet, when it has risen, knead and mold into bread roll shapes.  Bake them and discuss about how the roll has changed from the flower mix.


Topic Lesson 3 - Using positional language to move around a map

Today we are going to pretend we are at different points in London and you need to describe how to move around the map to reach the monument near Pudding Lane.

RSE Lesson - Changing Me: Identifying Body Parts

This week we are discussing the importance of using the correct names for our body parts, including private areas.  It is okay to have "family" names for them and, although it can be embarrassing using the real names, but to keep you safe and ensure that if you need to talk to someone about something wrong with your body, we all know what we are talking about and don't get confused.  


Work through the powerpoints below and complete the worksheet underneath.  Do both boys and girls have the same parts?  This is how we know the difference between boys and girls.


Parents - have a conversation with your child about who it is okay to talk about their private parts with and the only times to show them.