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Have a look through the information on the following links and then read through the Fair Trade Information Cards:




Create a mind map of what you have learnt about Fair Trade and what it means.



Think about what you already know about James Lind from your English lessons. Refresh your memory by re-reading the non-chronological report and using the following links:


Create a time line beginning in 1716 and ending in 1749 ordering important events that happened in James Lind's life.



Have a look at the following links and have a think about what contributes to a healthy life style:





Complete the Healthy Lifestyle Activity.


Thursday - Online Safety Week

Work your way through the Online Communication PowerPoint and create a poster explaining the ways that we can ensure to communicate safely online.


Friday - Online Safety Week

Work your way through the Emailing PowerPoint and think about how we can recognise safe and unsafe emails. 

Write an email to a teacher in the school using the email template, explaining the ways that we can detect and recognise safe and unsafe emails.