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Topic 1 - Drawing London Landmarks

Think about what places the Katie visits in the book “Katie in London” and other landmarks you know about in London. Using Google Images, search for a few of these places and pick your favourite pictures.  On a piece of paper, can you draw your chosen image?  Make sure that you draw it from the angle it is shown in the picture.  There a few pictures to look at below if you need some inspiration.

Topic 2 - Manmade and Natural Landmarks

This lesson, we are learning about the landmarks in London that exists naturally and ones that humans have added (man-made).

To begin with, look at the video below explaining the difference between manmade and natural landmarks. 

Year one - natural and built environments

Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free too...

Now you have an understanding of natural and manmade landscapes, using googlemaps on ordinance view, look at the map of London from the air.  Can you identify the difference between the natural and manmade landscapes.  Natural landscapes are places like the River Thames and parks etc and manmade landscapes are the buildings and visitor attactions.


Use the map below and in in red colour in/highlight the manmade landscapes and in green, colour/highlight the natural landscapes.

Topic 3 - London Nursery Rhymes

Listen to, learn and join in with traditional and contemporary rhymes, poems and songs that have a London theme, such as London Bridge is Falling Down, Oranges and Lemons and Ring a Ring o’ Roses. Learn to sing them by heart and in a round.

London Bridge Is Falling Down Nursery Rhymes Popular Baby Songs

Watch & Enjoy London Bridge Is Falling Down Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics Popular Baby Songs by Geethanjali Videos.London Bridge Is Falling Down,Falling Down, F...

Oranges and Lemons | Sing A Long | Nursery Rhyme | KiddieOK

For New Popular Nursery Rhymes for Children Please SUBSCRIBE- out our other nursery rhymes, song...

Ringa Ringa Roses | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!

We're available on Spotify! for new videos every week! â–ºhttps://go...

RSE Lesson - Changing me.

Look at pictures of yourself and your family as a baby.  Can you work out who is who?  How do you know?

Now look at yourself as a child and your family as other children or grown ups.  


Talk about all the ways they can think of that they have changed since they were babies. Share round the circle the ideas they have come up with. Can they think of a change in their body as well as another change e.g. abilities, personality etc.  Write your ideas on the whiteboard in two columns labelled ‘Body changes’ and ‘Other changes’.


After answer the question: “What would happen if we didn’t change and grow?”

RE - Tooth Relic 

Remind them of the religion – Buddhism. Buddhists look up to who? Buddha.


Talk about an object that is important to them


Explain that a relic is an object that has survived from an earlier time. Ask them to think what items could survive for years.


Show them tooth relic casket and ask what relic they think is inside. It’s a tooth. Whose tooth do you think? Why do you think is it important to Buddhists? Explain: Buddhists look up to Buddha and when Buddha died, people took Buddha’s tooth and smuggled it into Sri Lanka. The casket containing the tooth relic is now in a Temple in Sri Lanka (The Temple of the Tooth) and the casket has caskets inside caskets (6 caskets inside the casket – show them this image too).


Design a casket for their own important object