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We will be continuing our topic 'Land ahoy' and thinking about sailing on the seas. 


Look at a map of the world and identify which parts are land and which are seas. Research the names of the seas and oceans around the world.

Which is the largest/smallest.

What fascinating facts can you find out?

What is special about the dead sea?


Focus on a map of the UK. Name the countries that make up the UK and identify their capital cities. Research the names of the seas around the UK.


Design your own pirate map.

Look online for ideas of what to put onto a treasure map (river, cave, bridge, forest, mountains, volcanoes etc) and how to draw the different items adding a key to explain what each one is. When you are happy with all of the details on your map, get a cold soggy teabag and wipe/dab it all over your map to make it look as if it has been around for years (be careful not to get it too wet). Very carefully tear the edges away from your map to make it look old and tatty. Let it dry out. You could also ask a grown up to very carefully burn the edges of your map very slightly with a match to make it look even older!!