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Topic Lesson 1 - Locating the countries of the UK

This lesson we are understanding that the UK is a sovereign state which means a place that is ruled by a King or Queen and is made up of countries.  In the UK, there are 4 countries.  Watch the video which explains what the countries are called: 

UK Geography/ UK Country

After, using GoogleMaps, zoom in from the world and look at the UK and look for the boundaries that split the countries up.  Can you identify the different countries.  Look around the UK.  Can you see the oceans/seas/channels that surround the UK?

Complete the activity sheet below filling in the country names and the oceans around the UK.

Topic Lesson 2 - Flags of the UK.

Using the powerpoint below, study the flags of the 4 countries that make up the UK.  Can you identfy the similarities and differences.  Did you know that all the flags were merged together to make the UK flag?

Here is a short video that explains the different flags and how they make up the Union Jack:


The United Kingdom and its flag

Using your knowledge and the poster above, colour in the flags (in the correct colours) of the UK and the Union Jack.

Topic Lesson 3 - Plotting a journey

Today you are going to pretend that your parent is a London Taxi driver and you want to visit some of the main attraction points of London.  Watch the following video of some tourist points and after, make a list of the places to visit and add any of your own ideas of places to visit.

London tourism - England - United Kingdom Great Britain travel video: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace

Now using GoogleMaps, look for these places on the map and plan a route you could take.

Why not try and draw a map of the route you would take?

RSE - Changes that have already happened

Think back to last week's lesson (resources are on last week's page) and the life cycle of humans.  Think about yourself as a 5/6 year old child and how you have changed from a baby to this age now.  Your task is to draw yourself as a baby, then a toddler and then now (see sheet below) and add key words of how you have changed already.  E.g. you have got taller, you can now walk, you can feed yourself.

RE - Significance of Buddha


Activity 1: Ask children what religion they are learning about this term. Show children the word document with photos of Buddha doing mundras (hand gestures) and ask if they know who he is. Ask children if they have ever heard of Buddha. Ask children who they think he is, what they think he is doing and why.


Activity 2: Read ‘The Story of Buddha’ by Geshe Gyatso. Get them to do the 3 mundras (hand gestures) as Buddha does them in the book. Ask the children questions as (and after) reading: How did Buddha feel about the people he met? What did he decide to do? Why do you think Buddhists try to follow the Buddha’s teachings? Discuss and write what Buddha wished for.