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Continue to explore your garden using your magnifying glass or just looking carefully if you do not have one. See if you can find any different minibeasts to last time. Has the change in weather effected the type of bugs you are finding? Draw the creatures you find and complete some research to be able to write down 1 or 2 facts about them.


Make a bird feeder.

Collect an old drinks bottle or milk bottle and with the help of an adult cut off the top and add a small hole in each side at the top. Thread some string through the holes and knot it to make a handle to hang it. Decorate your bottle with whatever you have at home and fill it with some birdseed (or any bird friendly food you may have). Then find a good place to hang your feeder outside. Now sit and watch to see what you attract.

 Watch the video to give you some ideas for unusual feeders to have a go with as well.


Look carefully at your growing sunflower. How has it changed? How tall has it become? Does it have any new leaves?

Write an account of how your sunflower is growing recording as much information as you can.


Don't forget to upload any work on to Class Dojo as we really do love seeing all of the wonderful things you do