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Following on from last weeks work on investigating a contrasting location, try to find out a little more about the types of plants that grow in the Brazilian rainforest and what it is about the rainforest that means that they can only grow there (have a look back to the video links from last week). Name and draw 1 or 2 of the plants found there. Label the special features that they have that make them special to the rainforest.

Create a picture that shows the differences between the environment in the rainforest and that around our school here in Southend. Clearly show in your picture the contrast between the 2 locations and the plants that grow there. This can be a simple pencil drawing with labels to explain the differences or get creative and paint the picture, create a collage or even a small world in a shoe box depending on what you have available at home. Please remember to send pictures of your finished work in to Dojo.


We have some very exciting news!!! This year we will be joining "The Big Sing". We will be joining schools and colleges all over the country to attempt a Guinness World Record! We will be creating videos of the children singing the chosen song and sending them to become part of this exciting event. More details will follow, but in the mean time we all need to learn the song really well so we will be able to sing it beautifully. Find the link below and spend some time this week practising the song around your home. Get the family involved and sing it together. 


We had planned to be in the garden for our Science lesson this week. If you have access to your own garden then please have a go at this if not then research a minibeast that you find fascinating and find 2 facts about it that you did not know. Write these down and add a picture of the creature. If you are able to go into a garden (without breaking isolation guidelines) then get down on your hands and knees and investigate what creatures you can find. If you have a magnifying glass then great, use this to explore the soil under plants and rocks and see which minibeasts you can find. Once you find a few look really carefully and do an observational drawing of one of them, looking really closely at the details. Then research 2 facts about it that you did not know and add these under your picture. 

Happy hunting!!