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This week we are going to be planning, designing and evaluating a piece of urban art for Southend-on-Sea.



Work through the Urban Art Project PowerPoint and select one landmark to focus on for the week.

Fill in the Urban Art planning sheet.



Look back at your planning sheet from yesterday. 

Sketch a piece of urban art following your plan.



Finish designing your piece of urban art and then fill in the evaluation sheet.


Thursday (PSHE)

This week we are thinking about wants and needs. Sort the wants and needs cards into a chart.


Friday (RE)

Recap what you have already learnt about Buddhism (Buddha taught about the importance of feeling loving-kindness for everyone in the world and many Buddhists practice loving-kindness meditation). 


It is now our turn to think about kindness and we are going to make a  kindness manifesto.

Create a kindness manifesto thinking about the following questions: 

What does the word kindness mean to you?

What does kindness look like?

How does kindness feel?

Where can you find kindness?

Does everyone deserve kindness?

How can kindness change the world?