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Frozen Kingdom!



For your first Science task this week, you are going to research your favourite animal from the Arctic. 


You may collect your research however you like! Some examples are: a poster, a table, a chart or even a collage!

When researching...


Describe how it has evolved and adapted to suit its habitat. Consider how it might need to adapt in the future as the human and environmental threats in polar regions increase.



For your second task, 

Construct a food chain for a chosen animal or plant from a frozen land, to show how species are interdependent on each other as food sources. Describe their diagram using scientific vocabulary such as energy source, autotroph or primary producer, herbivore or primary consumer, secondary consumer and top predator. 

Topic Homework

For your Topic Homework this half term (extra activities!), choose 4 boxes from the sheet below to complete.

Don't forget to send evidence of your work to your teacher! laugh