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Work through the History of Southend PowerPoint and fill in the History of our Town template.



Have a look through the Commemorative Statue Picture Cards. Choose your favourite statue and sketch an image of it. Make sure pay attention to its form, shape and design.



Work your way through the London Landmark cards. Choose one landmark and draw and label it with information.


Thursday - PSHE

Have a think about how we can stay safe online.

Work your way through the PowerPoint - would this gaming app appeal to you? Why? Is it a safe game to play?

Have a think about the possible risks with this app e.g. messaging others online, cyber bullying, messaging 'friends' we do nto knwo in real life.

Have a look at the Top Tips cards and create a mind map or poster for how to stay safe online.


Friday - RE

Read the story "The Search for the Truth". Why do you think Prince Siddharta sat under the tree for so long? Why was it difficult for him to concentrate and stay calm? What did he find out whilst meditating? 

Have a think about what you do when you are feeling upset or angry to help you calm down and stay focused.

Create a poster displaying advice on how to keep calm.