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Lesson 1 - Geography

Watch the video about big cats. Look at the posters below to find out where different big cats come from. Locate them on a map.

Roar! Meet the Big Cats! | Animal Science for Kids

Can you tell a leopard from a jaguar? How are lions different from tigers -- other than those stripes? Jessi introduces you to the four big cats!----------Li...

Lesson 2 - DT

Look at different food packaging labels. What information is included on them? What pictures do they have? What colours are they? Can you design a label for a can of tiger food.

Lesson 3 - Science

Name the parts of a human body. How are they the same and different to a lion? Draw and label a human and a lion and write a sentence to explain one difference and one similarity.

RE- Purim

Read the story of Esther. Name and draw the characters. Cut out your drawings and use your pictures to act out the story of Esther.


Talk about various ways we can greet each other – shaking hands, hugging, hive five, gently bumping fists. Discuss how they greet friends and family and ensure they understand that different types of physical greeting are acceptable or not in different situations. Explain that it ok to say no if there is a touch they don’t like. Create a special handshake for greeting someone.