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Lesson 1 - Art
Watch the clips below. Work through the powerpoint to find all about how and why animals camouflage. Look at the patterns on the different animals. Use the animal outlines to create a collage of an animal with patterns.

Lesson 2 - Science

Look at some pictures of different dogs. What is the same about them? What is different? Sort the dogs into 2 groups based on a difference e.g big and small, long tails and short tails, patterns and no patterns, up ears and floppy ears.

Lesson 3 - Science

Go on a butterfly hunt (print, cut out and stick the butterflies around your house/garden). Talk about the butterflies that were found first. Were they more colourful? Discuss how the more brightly-coloured butterflies stand out and would be the first to be eaten by predators.

RE- Purim

Read the story of Esther. Explain that during the festival of Purim, Jewish people read this story and dress up. Look at powerpoint of different special clothes. Discuss the clothes worn and the event. Ask your children to draw a picture of a time when they have had to wear special clothes. Can they write a sentence to explain what they are wearing and the event.

RSE - Being a good friend


Discuss what makes a good friend. Children to draw themselves with a friend and write a list of qualities that makes a good friend.