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We will be continuing our topic on the Scented Garden this week. Have fun exploring these lessons, there is no order so pick and choose the ones you want to do when over the week.


To explore what plants need for healthy growth. What do you think plants need to grow healthily? 

Place some cress seeds on 5 cotton wool pads and place each in different locations. 

1 in the fridge to starve it of warmth but still water it

1 on a sunny windowsill and still water it

1 in  a dark cupboard continue to water

1 on the side with sunlight, warmth but no water

1 on the side with sunlight, warmth and water.

Predict what you think will happen and then monitor it over the next few days and record results.


To understand that plants use their roots and stems to take up water to feed the growing flowers and fruit.


Place some cut white carnations or celery sticks into 3 different glasses of coloured water - 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow (or which ever colours you have at home)

Predict what you think will happen and then watch them over the next few hours. What can you see happening? do the flowers change at all? 


To observe an object carefully and make an accurate drawing of it.

Look really carefully at the carnation flowers from the Science lesson. Draw these using a pencil and add shaded areas and lines to add texture. Once the science experiment is finished add any colour changes to your drawing to show the results of the experiment.