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Frozen Kingdom!



For your first History task this week, you are going to research The Titanic (The ship - not the film!)


You may collect your research however you like! Some examples are: a poster, a table, a chart or even a collage!

When researching, try to find out information about:


  • What was the Titanic?
  • When and where was the Titanic built?
  • Why is the Titanic still famous today?
  • What happened to the Titanic? (Details!)
  • What were the key events of the sinking?
  • What kind of people were on the Titanic? 
  • What factors contributed to the disaster? Could it have been avoided?


For your second task, imagine you are a passenger aboard the Titanic. Write a letter documenting your thoughts and feelings before and during the sinking.

Remember your audience and purpose -  Who is the letter being written to? Who will be reading it? Why is the letter being written? Why are you writing it?  - Think about these things when writing your letter.

Remember to also decide what class your passenger is - this will help with your formality!



Topic Homework

For your Topic Homework this half term (extra activities!), choose 4 boxes from the sheet below to complete.

Don't forget to send evidence of your work to your teacher! laugh