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What do you already know about light and reflections? What is the difference?

Watch the following videos and read the information to explore the difference between a source of light and a reflection:






Can you come up with a definition for a source of light and for a reflection?

Have a look at the sorting cards and separate them into a table with the two columns: Source of Light or Reflection.



What is a shadow? 

Watch the following video and see if you can come up with a definition for a shadow:


Have a look at the urban landscapes flash cards – have a think about how the different shadows are formed e.g. when the sun is setting, how shadows change throughout the day and how some cities built at the water’s edge reflect onto the water’s surface. 

Build your your own urban landscape using resources such as lego, jenga, building blocks etc and hold a source of light (e.g. a torch) at your landscape from different angles to discover how the shadow forms and changes.



Today we are going to be carrying out a fair test to investigate patterns in the size of shadows.

Use an object of a known height (e.g. a jenga block), fix it a steady position and then move a torch to different heights, measuring and recording the shadow length each time using a ruler. 


Have a think about the following questions: 

Where is the torch when the shadow is exactly the same height as the object?

What happens when the torch is moved closer and further away from the object?

Can you create more than one shadow of the object?

Thursday (PSHE)

Have a think about what makes a good friend. 

Have a look at slides 2-5 on the PowerPoint presentation and have a think about a solution so that both donkeys are happy and able to eat the bundles of grass. Move onto the next slide to see what the solution may be.

Looking at slide 6 of the PowerPoint have a look at the 'solve it together technique'.


Using the 'solve it together technqiue', open the Scenario document and have a think about how you could solve the friendship conflict. Ask yourself the following questions: What skills do you need to help solve these problems? What skills do you have that help you be a good friend?


Move onto Slide 7 of the PowerPoint presentation and read through the learning intentions - reflect on the learning intentions for this lesson and record this on the My Jigsaw Journey Template.


Friday (R.E)

Recap the Story of Buddha and use the sorting cards to retell the story on the given template.