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This half term our Topic is all about Urban Pioneers.



Today we are going to be using digital mapping to locate Southend and to look for particular streets and routes.

Have a look on Google Maps and see if you can find Bournemouth Park Academy -

Have a look at the the digital mapping attachment and plan different routes from the school e.g. to the beach, to home, to the high street -can you reach these locations through more than one route?



Have a look through the Zoomed Images PowerPoint. Each slide will show a zoomed in image of something around the school - write down what you think the image could be and move on to the next slide to reveal the image.



Have a look through the examples of urban art - What are the similarities/ differences? Which ones do you like/ dislike? Do you consider it as art of vandalism? 

Create your own piece of urban art using the examples for inspiration. You may choose to spray paint, paint or colour with pencils/ felt tips.


Thursday (PSHE)

Have a look through the job roles PowerPoint and identify what each job role is. Is this a job/ responsibility that you think is more suitable for men, women or both? Why?

Draw an image of a family member and a job/ responsibility that they do.


Friday (R.E)

This half term we are going to be looking at Buddhism in R.E. 

Work your way through the Story of the Buddha PowerPoint.

Using the writing frame write a summary of the Four Noble Truths that Prince Siddhartha taught people.