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Compass directions.

To confidently use the eight points of a compass

[PowerPoint, worksheet]

Starter: First look at the PowerPoint. Play the directions mini game to refresh your memory on the four points of the compass North/South/East/West. [5mins]

Main: Continue through the PowerPoint. Check your knowledge of points of a compass by completing the 4 questions. To help you, work through the 3 modelled questions first.  [20 mins]


Plenary:  Fill in worksheet. [10 mins]

Link to curriculum: describe and understand key aspects of: mountains



Mountains or Volcanoes?

To investigate the differences between mountains and volcanoes.

[PowerPoint, video, worksheet]

Starter: Write down 3 features that volcanoes have and 3 features that mountains have. Think about their shape, what they are made of and what they are known for. [5 mins]

Main:  Work through the PowerPoint, watching the video before you fill in worksheet. [35 mins]

Plenary: Mini quiz on key words. [5 mins]






To write a Haiku poem


[Video, PowerPoint]

Starter:  Watch video about Haikus and make notes of anything you find interesting. Look up any words you do not understand. [10 mins]

Main: Work through the PowerPoint, looking at examples of Haiku’s and thinking about what features they have. How are they different to any other poems you know?

After, brainstorm different examples of vocabulary you could might include in a summer Haiku. If you are not sure, re-watch the video and magpie some vocabulary from there or the PowerPoint.

After, write your own Haiku poem using your brainstormed words to help you.[30 mins]

Plenary: Pick two words from your Haiku to up-level in purple pen. [5 mins]


World Book Day

Planet Omar

Write your own story!

Resource 1

Resource 2

Book extract

World book day ‘Author and Illustrator Academy’

Watch the video and use the resources to create your own story! Share your ideas during our special World Book Day Live lesson.

Our Year 4 story is ‘Planet Omar’. A fab time to use all of you lockdown family experiences!




Eid ul-Adha


L.I.: To learn about Eid ul-Adha



Starter: What is Eid ul-Adha? Why is it celebrated?

Main: Work through PowerPoint and then watch short video. [20 mins] Answer the questions from the starter in your own way; you could draw, write a paragraph, create a Q&A etc [25mins]

Link to curriculum: Describe and make connections between different features of the religions and worldviews they study, discovering more about celebrations, worship, pilgrimages and the rituals which mark important points in life, in order to reflect on their significance.

Examples: Pupils make some connections between Hajj for Muslims and pilgrimage to Lourdes, Iona or ‘the Holy Land’ for Christians, describing the motives people have for making spiritual journeys