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Monday (Topic)

Design your own village from the Bronze Age. Using your prior knowledge, have a think about what the houses would look like. What would early-humans be wearing? Would they have electricity and lights? 


Tuesday (Topic)

Work through the Iron Age Hill Forts fact cards. 

What is a settlement? Why were people so protective over their settlements? Why do you think people lived in hill forts?

Complete and levels the All About Hill Forts worksheet.


Wednesday (Topic)

What have you learnt so far about the Stone Age? What did they make tools and weapons for? e.g. hunting, chopping down trees for wood etc.

Complete the Design a Stone Age Tool worksheet.


Thursday (PSHE)

Ask yourself the following questions: How do we learn? What makes us a good learner? How can we set our own goals?

Have a think about something you really want from life - it could be career-based or something short-term. 

Once you have chosen your goal, write a variety of ways that you could achieve this goal.


Friday (Science)

Have a think about the different parts of a flower that you already know of. 

Watch the following video:

Using the worksheet provided, label the different parts of a flower using the information from the video to help you.