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This week we are going to carry on learning about superheroes in topic, the birth of Muhammad in RE and keeping healthy in Science and RSE.

Topic 1 & 2


During topic this week we are going to be thinking about the way superheroes and supervillains look.

Topic 1: What is your favourite superhero or villain? What do you like about them? 

Sketch your favourite superhero or villain- think about their facial features, body shapes and action poses. You can use the template provided to sketch your superhero or villain.

Topic 2: Using your malleable materials (could be playdoh, plasticine, clay or salt dough) make your superhero or villain thinking about what their faces and bodies look like.


This week in science we are going to be thinking about the effects exercise have on our bodies.

Discuss these questions. What is exercise? What happens to our body when we exercise? Why does that happen? Is exercise important for our bodies? Why/why not? What happens to our hearts when we exercise?

Complete the experiment on the science proforma. Complete the prediction of what they think will happen to their bodies during exercise. The children should think about what their body is doing before the experiment and then check it again afterwards. For the experiment children should run on the spot for 1 minute and think about the changes in their bodies. After they have completed the experiment and recorded their results they should check whether their prediction was right by filling out the conclusion.



This week's RE we are going to be learning about why Muhammad is special to Muslims. Ask the children: Why are babies special? Talk to the children about how having a baby changes the parents life, about how the baby changes and grows and that parents have lots of hopes and dreams for their children’s future.

Work your way through the power point discussing why they think Muhammad is special.


This week we are going to carry on thinking about the different ways and the choices we make to stay healthy. Look at the power point and discuss the ways you stay healthy and then using the templates (you can choose boy or girl) write down all the ways and choices you make to personally stay healthy.